Pagonas Bros

The company was founded in 1971 by Gregory Pagonas with the object of trading iron and polycarmon panels. The basic target and concern of the founder was to create a personal relationship and excellent professional customer service. Over the course of 46 years, we have an upward course, thus gaining a leading position in the industry.

Always representing the best and technologically innovative industries in Greece, we continuously enrich our product range, always choosing products with quality and low prices. Our privately-owned 2500m2 housed facilities have a fully-equipped infrastructure (crane bridges)

We are able to offer a complete stock of iron-panel-polycarbonate-specific pieces and iron accessories.

The experience and expertise of the staff, the constant effort to modernize our facilities guarantees, in addition to the quality, the functionality of our products. Our commitment is to provide our customers with innovative products. Innovation is an end in itself so that we can respond to any requirements consistently and reliably.

With trucks with cranes (parrot) we transport our products anywhere in Attica and in other areas upon agreement.
The size, experience and innovation of our company guarantees the quality of the products and the best market prices.